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We love this work we do; bringing to life stories that uplift and inform audiences.

Pitch & Launch films

Video has become a key part of getting new business. Businesses are investing so much in pitching that it is a crucial tool that can help you stand out.
Video brings your research to life, helps to show you’ve gone the extra mile, forces you to set out your story or hook and to think how best to then present that to the client. It even helps a pitch team to read the room and see how engaged a client is.

Ads and Promo Campaigns

We produce campaigns for TV, cinema, online and radio. In recent years, client needs have become less about traditional media and more about the subtleties of online content, paid or organic.

So, while the story-telling never becomes less important, the creative challenge now covers everything from TV to TikTok.

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Orchards School promo

we are art – promo

Squidsoup – Fourtet at ICA

Kennedy Street Recovery

Hybrid Learning

Post lockdown, hybrid environments are now commonplace and hooray for that! Presenteeism so easily misses the potential in people compared to when more fluid work and learning spaces are embraced.
We have helped clients set up online courses, training sessions and workshops. As well as 100 per cent video delivery, our work also covers combining in-person presentation design with pre and post-session materials.

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Beyond video

Giving video work context is really important. Its effectiveness is always greater when there is a strategy behind its creation – from the simplest product shot to brand launches to complex ad campaigns.
Here we get deeper into our work beyond video: creative direction and strategy, photography, branding, website and presentation design and podcast production.
Making Beach - a comedy web-series

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