Testimonial videos win new business.

Adam Stafford, MD of Fresh Egg, explains why going that extra mile with client testimonial video production ups their game and helps win pitches and bids.


Experienced creative video production to show clients familiar problem-solving examples

Introduce your people and brand

Demonstrate your insight into prospect’s customer experience

Demonstrate your expertise, processes & research

Show you have gone that extra mile

Simplify complexity using strong storytelling

Client testimonials give real-world insight to your offering

‘Observe the room’ during a presentation

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These are some pitch and bid videos we previously made.

Big, small, local, global: bids for national infrastructure projects, high-rise construction, financial services marketing and local charity crowd-funding. By its nature pitch work is sensitive, so these videos have been edited to remove any of the nuggets that might have won the business.

Hello, we’re pleased to meet you!

Introduce the team. Whether or not they are all in the room, a video is a good way to introduce key team members and give context to their roles by showing them ‘in the field’ demonstrating what they do.

Highlight your research

There are plenty of ways to show your research and discovery in a pitch. From brand-level, user-generated feel-good films (like this one we did for MediaCom) that depicts potential key moments in a customer journey, to video interviews that, for example, demonstrate a specific process or customer expectation.

Visualise the customer journey

For Siemens we brought to life a series of potential customer journeys, literally and metaphorically. This film formed part of an ambitious federal government bid that spanned the USA, delivering both high-speed rail infrastructure and service provision on both coasts. (Note: all confidential sequences have been removed).

Client testimonials

Testimonials are crucial to giving prospects insight into how you and your services or products might benefit them. Testimonial videos can be used on your website, your social media channels and in paid media campaigns. They also work really well in pitch scenarios, giving relevance to particular details or problem-solving. This is a very nice one Adam from Fresh Egg gave us!

Online pitch film

We made this film for an arts charity. It formed part of their online crowdfunding pitch and created an evocative brand image while delivering a single-message call to action.

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