Siemens bid film

We were asked to make a film for Siemens to accompany a large-scale US federal government bid process. What was really great about this project was getting relative carte blanche from the client and creating an idea from scratch.

We initially came up with four ideas one of which was then developed through script phases, pre-production and eventually to production. Combining CGI animation with a live action story shot across three cities in the USA, we created a film which evoked East and West Coasts and both summer and winter interiors and exteriors.

Because of the nature of the highly confidential technical nature of this project we have removed all of the sensitive details regarding the bid from this edit.

It was an exciting and highly technical project which we produced, overseeing CGI animators in Slovakia, cast and crews in NYC and LA and post-production back in the UK. Despite all this and our client working across three time zones spanning nine hours, we fulfilled their expectations, amendments and requirement changes and the film was eventually well-received.