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Future Sun is a UK video marketing company

We focus on helping businesses get high-value clients from managed, online video marketing campaigns.

We enable our clients to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract high-value, recurring revenue clients and gain a competitive advantage in their selected market.

Thanks to the tracking and analytics capabilities of video marketing platforms we can get clear data on what interests viewers, and often more importantly, what doesn’t.

For example, if there is a consistent drop-off rate at the 1:43 minute mark in a three minute video, we know that the messaging is failing to connect. Conversely, if a video consistently holds viewers through to the end and prompts conversions, we know that the video resonates.

88% of UK watches online video

There are 63M internet users in the UK (95% penetration) and 45M active social media users (80% penetration of eligible poplulation), 88% of them watch online videos.

Google, YouTube, Facebook

YouTube (80%) and Facebook (78%) are the most popular social media channels (highest reported use). Only Google pips them to top spot of website popularity with traffic of nearly 2 billion monthly visits (Similarweb’s Q4 2018 figs).

(Nearly) double the engagement

3.82% is the average Facebook post engagement rate, 6.96% is the average Facebook Video post engagement rate.

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