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Future Sun is a video marketing company

We love making films that help businesses get high-value clients through managed, online video marketing campaigns.

We enable our clients to differentiate themselves from their competition, to attract high-value visitors and recurring revenue clients and create a unique standing in their market.

Thanks to tracking and analytics capabilities we get clear data on what engages viewers. This directly informs our clients’ strategies and helps them maintain stand-out.

We work with clients who understand the necessity of video content and who embrace it’s potential to let them be creative and demonstrate their passion for their products and services.

88% of UK watches online video

There are 63M internet users in the UK (95% penetration) and 45M active social media users (80% penetration of eligible poplulation), 88% of them watch online videos.

Google, YouTube, Facebook

YouTube (80%) and Facebook (78%) are the most popular social media channels (highest reported use). Only Google pips them to top spot of website popularity with traffic of nearly 2 billion monthly visits (Similarweb’s Q4 2018 figs).

(Nearly) double the engagement

3.82% is the average Facebook post engagement rate, 6.96% is the average Facebook Video post engagement rate.

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