Future Sun is a video marketing company

We help organisations increase their visibility and confidence in a multi-platform world.

The work we do enables our clients to establish or build on a presence, maintain relevance and encourage growth.

Our work? Most of the time we produce videos for people who understand the key role it plays, and who embrace its potential to demonstrate their passion for what they do.
We’ll help you understand the best way to integrate video into any content strategy you already have. And if you don’t have a strategy then we can help you work that out too.

Discovery, connection and conversion.

The need to differentiate and define ourselves is only ever increasing. We help bring clarity and purpose to that process.
We aim to equip our clients with the knowledge, tools and assets to embrace growth, however they choose to define it.

Our work often overlaps video. We create many content types and can help you integrate them into your brand story-telling:






course design

Our aim is to make your brand more visible and easy to recognise,

to increase your flow of connections and help you to make your online home a vibrant, desirable and sustainable place to be.

Tell us how we can help you.