Hello, we're Future Sun.

We make videos that people like to watch. And we also manage how those videos get watched by the right people.

It’s simple really.

However complex your thing is we make the process of telling people about it simple.

We like to make videos that make people happy to know you and your business – happy to hit the “yes please tell me more” button.

Our happy place is creating video content and ad campaigns for you, our clients.

We also like to manage those campaigns to make sure they do their job.

To start, we work with you to develop a video marketing strategy based on your needs and your current data (if you have any) which hooks up with any digital platforms (learning, retail, payment, CRM, etc) you already use or need.

To finish we often deliver multiple versions of videos to fit relevant platforms. We also write ads, create websites and landing pages for campaigns, analyse data and react to what it is telling us.

Ultimately our aim is to bring you prospective customers, clients and sales and, help you to make your online presence a vibrant, desirable and sustainable place to be.

(Same old) new normal.

Things have changed but we’re still here. We still bring our expertise, insight and experience to video production. Right now we are back shooting in-person but with strict social distancing rules applied.

For those clients who need to isolate or who feel vulnerable to in-person filming, we have been using different (remote) ways to keep creating safely. Please get in touch to find out more, we’re sure we can find a solution to help you.

Tell us how we can help you.