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These videos cover all manner of clients and needs, but they all have one thing in common – they are looking for either funders or users. From large construction project bids to climate initiatives funding to classroom training (adult and child), they all target specific audiences with defined story-telling methods.


Hello, we’re pleased to meet you!

This video introduces a core team and gives context to their roles by showing them ‘in the field’ showing where they are based.

Bringing your roles to life

Sometimes the challenge is to give an audience a story they can relate to. If someone’s job title is a little “dry”, then it’s important to put it into context for a non-expert viewer.

We created a series of short promos for the Climate Bonds Initiative which did just this.

Also watch Sustainability Engineer and Green Bonds.

Visualise the customer journey

For Siemens we brought to life a series of potential customer journeys, literally and metaphorically. This film formed part of an ambitious federal government bid that spanned the USA, delivering both high-speed rail infrastructure and service provision on both coasts. (Note: all confidential sequences have been removed).

Classroom tutorials

We created a series of promotional videos for a digital marketing agency. Their context was the in-person training they give to clients, so our shoot setup reflected that.

We helped these expert trainers to relax on camera and to then deliver very natural performances to do their expertise justice. 

Audience specific

A seemingly simple school promo video that is targeted at a really small audience (parents within the few square miles of the catchment), but which paints a pretty idyllic picture of this high-achieving local primary school.